What Are the Happiest Jobs in the World?


Many people think that high-paying jobs make people happy. But that is not always the case. Research shows that salary is not just the sole factor when it comes to making people satisfied with their jobs. Having a sense of fulfillment is just as important. Read on to find out the five happiest jobs in the world.

The Happiest Jobs in the World

Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist analyzes customers’ buying habits, creates surveys and questionnaires, and interprets market data to determine the best way to market products. People who hold this position uses creativity and problem-solving skills in the planning and execution of a company’s marketing strategies.

Some may think that marketing is a demanding and stressful job. But on the other side of the coin, it can also be fulfilling and exciting, especially if you meet or exceed expectations. On average, marketing specialists earn $52,000 a year.


An engineer designs, constructs, and tests structures, materials, and systems, taking into consideration the limitations imposed by safety, regulation, and cost. There are different branches of engineering, each one specializing in specific technologies and products.

Coming up with solutions to problems and seeing those solutions become a reality is what makes the job of an engineer gratifying. Each day brings a new challenge, so no boring and monotonous work here. Engineers handle a wide variety projects, offering something different each time. Depending on the industry, an engineer’s salary can range from $57,000 to $114,000 per year.


A gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of landscape design. Gardening is one of the most enjoyable forms of physical labor. Although not among the highest paying jobs on the planet, it more than makes up for it by giving lots of satisfaction. Being outdoors working with plants and trees is a pleasant experience most people would think of as a hobby.

For people who enjoy nature, this is a dream job. For gardeners, there is nothing more satisfying than pruning a plant or seeing a flower come into full bloom. Spending most of the day outdoors amid different seasons provides a backdrop that presents both challenge and variety. Gardeners have an average annual salary of $25,650.


Helping patients get better and knowing that they made a big difference in their lives are the main reasons why nurses love what they do. Despite working in a stressful environment, nurses remain motivated because they feel a strong sense of accomplishment in their jobs.

Having a positive impact on the lives of patients is fulfilling and emotionally rewarding. It’s also a big plus when patients express their heartfelt thanks. Knowing that people appreciate what you do is enough reason to make anyone happy. The average salary for a nurse in the United States is $67,930 a year.


From Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, to Thomas Edison, scientists made amazing discoveries that had a profound impact on human existence. These people dedicate their lives to the pursuit of knowledge.

Some jobs allow people to do what they love. That cannot be more true in the case of scientists. For them, salary is not the primary consideration; the opportunity to gain new knowledge and pursue their passion is the thing that matters. And, if they discover something really great, scientists would surely welcome the recognition and prestige that comes with it. Depending on the field of expertise, a scientist can earn anywhere from $61,000 to $138,000 a year.

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