Trenten Rupp-Hunt

Stress, fear, the thought of not fitting in this world, my future is dim. These thoughts rushed into my mind during my final months of Senior Year of high school. I would see my fellow students boast on what college they are going to and what their career goals were. When they asked what am I doing and where am I going after high school, I would shrug my shoulders and ask the same thing. WHAT AM I DOING? I feel like I’m not alone when it comes to this question, especially during the final days during Senior Year. Jumping ahead in time, sitting here in a college dorm writing this exact essay, I laugh at my foolishness. Reader, if you’re sitting here wondering the same questions, have no fear about your future. Allow me to explain.

Everyone wonders about their future at a point in time. To determining which college or classes to attend, to even as small as what to order for lunch. Although I can’t help in determining your meal, I can however help you find out which career path best suites you. The answer is as simple as this, “Go for whatever makes you happy.” This was my moto all through high school and even today. Everyone strives for happiness no matter what substance it comes from; money, sex, food. Going for what made me happy in life was the biggest factor in my decision making Senior Year.

I continuously asked myself, “What makes me happy? What do I enjoy doing in this life?” The answer could come from your hobbies (for instance: mine was gardening). The answer could come from the sports you play, the clubs you attend. Choosing a career focused on what you like, would not only help you avoid dreading to go to work, but also transform you into professional faster. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you will invest more time in it. If you invest more time in your field, you will become a master at it. Finally, when you master your field, yes, the money will follow.

For example, I shared with you that my favorite hobby to do was gardening. I LOVE working with plants. I enjoy growing them, tending to them, you get the point. During my Senior Year of high school, I knew this. I figured out that my calling is to work with plants, but to do what? I figured out the happiness part yet the determining still needed some work. I always wanted to help change the world and make an impact, that was another thing that made me happy. I decided that my best interest was to go into Plant Genetics, not only would I help improve our world, I would be able to work with plants! From there, it was just about finding a school that taught my field. However, I was never alone. Help will always come when asked.

If you’re stuck with questions on what to do and where to go, the people around you can (and will) help you in the right direction. High school teachers are notorious for this! They WANT to see you succeed. Your parents are one of them, they were most likely in a similar situation. Even if you are in college, your professors and advisors will help you. All you need to do is ask.

Reader, where ever you are, I hope you take home this, “Follow your heart and not your mind.” Going for what makes you happy will ultimately be your BIGGEST determiner for your decisions in life. Whatever you do, where ever you go, I wish you the best of luck.

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