Picking right career is like picking a right husband among millions – Noelyn Temasi

Career is a life time partner I ever thinking about in my whole life, because factors considered for the carrier are factors that are reflecting myself. If I fail to ask right and valid questions relating to my future carrier then, I may off track which result in facing consequences in future, it is like picking a wrong partner would be like eating hot chilli in the end which I would be regretting it all, therefore question ask must be related to the type of carrier expected. So some information are needed in developing when thinking of picking a right carrier is asking questions about myself. There a thousand of questions flowing through my mind in searching for a right carrier,  however in acquiring a job there a few important behaviour are needed to ask, and these questions are fold in 4 aspects, they are personal information questions, interpersonal information skill questions, sufficient knowledge information and education information.

Personal information questions are inquiries about my personal information and asking personal information is important to an organisation. In organisation people are working together for a particular purpose, so my personal information is important towards securing a right carrier. An example of personal question information is ‘What is my strength and weaknesses?’ in asking these personal questions it help me to know all about the positive and the negative about me. So, picking a right carrier is based on my personal information.

Interpersonal Skill information are questions inquiries about my abilities and abilities are capacities of capabilities of what I can perform for example, do I have the skill in performing the carrier? Is my skill right for the particular carrier? In asking these questions and answering these, they guided me to pick a right carrier based on my skill information.

Knowledge information questions are questions inquiries about my knowledge and understanding about a carrier. In gaining general knowledge about a particular subject I may ask myself is, ‘Do I have enough knowledge or relevant knowledge relates to the carrier? In asking these questions and answer, it helps me to pick a right carrier based on my knowledge and understanding information about the carrier.

Education back ground information is another important aspect about picking a right carrier. The information is about my education level. What qualification in education do I attained. Does my qualification qualify me enough to take up the carrier? In asking and answering these questions it help me to choose a right carrier based on my qualifications.

In making right decisions to what carrier is best for me I ask right questions relating to behaviour of each aspect as well as answering all questions appropriately accordingly to my understanding and my choice.

Finally the essay concludes that in deciding what carrier is right for me, I must ask myself some important questions that are relates to my future carrier and the first question of information I ask is based on my personal information, followed is my interpersonal skills information questions, then asking myself question relates to my knowledge skill information and finally with my educational information qualification questions.

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