Harshit Grover

According to my study and experience, most of the people first select their field of study then apply for the relevant to them, but I followed the opposite rule. Four years ago, in 2014 I started working in a recruitment company named Egon Zehender as a Data entry associate. We need to go through many resumes from senior-level associates who would like to apply for high-level jobs. As the company deals with only senior employees, I get to see and study their resume. I usually study which fields are more required in the market and which areas. As I study their respective fields, I also get to know what are the qualification they have to undergo to attain that position. I studied their resumes for around 8 months before finalizing my field. According to my study, I found that major upcoming field in this world in Logistics and Supply Chain. Then I found the countries which most required those field, which are, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

During my research, I decided to find any management field because of my interest and my bachelor degree. Therefore, I came to Logistics and Supply Chain management. Then I research about the information about this field. Which created my more interest in this field, because this field is because of Globalization and Marketing. These are the new field in this world, so I thought they have a very long life and great opportunities all over the globe. After finalizing my field, now my next focus to find the institute or place to study. So first I research in my country, but we do not have that field enough popular in India and there are not many options to study. Then my next focus to find a good institute but under the criteria of my budget. As I belong to a middle-class family, I have a specific amount of fund for my study, which also not enough. So, if I want to go out of India to study, I need to take a loan from the bank. Then I visited the bank and gather the knowledge of the amount of loan I can get to pursue further study. According to my final budget, I finalized 4 countries, which are Canada, Ireland, Germany and New Zealand. Then I did sorting between all these countries to minimize my choice to 1. So, I opt out Germany because I need to learn a new language, German, which will delay my time to study. Then I opt Ireland out because of less time available to find a job and future prospects in that country. Canada and Ireland are best countries for immigrants in 2015 and are providing an ample number of opportunities. But I need to choose 1, so I made a personal choice in this matter, that is according to climate. As I like, winter better than summer, snow better than beaches, so I decided to go to Canada.

Next part is not so difficult, I decided the best province according to opportunities which is Ontario then I decided to go for college rather than University because of my budget, for Logistics and supply chain program. For this, I visited many international study fairs, contacted students from those colleges through Facebook and then I came out 3 main colleges Humber college, George Brown College, Fanshawe college. As budget is my main criteria, so I decided to go according to living cost in those places, which narrow my choice to Fanshawe college because London is much cheaper than Toronto.

In between all these research, I also focused on my current working career where I switch my job to get more time to study for exams and working out on all this research as well as saving money for my further study. This all takes around 2 years, from 2014 to 2016.

According to immigration policy, I need to study for two years to get a three years’ work permit and my course is a one-year program, so after completing my 1st semester I started my research again in the Canadian market to find my next course. I talk to many of my professors, counselors in college and friends who are working and find out an IT program, Office Administration which is great to find a job in Ontario as every office requires an admin person to run their business. So I decided to go for Office administration General program, because of two reasons, first is my budget and requirement of two years is accomplished and second is further study aspect in that course such as Office administration Executive and Medical if I want to pursue another field in any time in future.

I am pursuing last semester right now in Office Administration General. All of my research has paid off and I am happy with my decision today. Since this is the beginning of many challenges and difficulties coming in the future, I am always ready to start a research on them.



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