Music Careers

Do you love music?  Is it your dream to have a career in Music?

There are many jobs that involve working with Music that can satisfy your desires. Singers and Musicians are the most obvious of occupations in music but not all of us have the talent for those roles. There are multiple options that allow you to be involved in music.

Musical Occupations:

Outlook for Careers in Music:

The variety of positions in the music industry is appealing.  However, the number of workers in this industry is considered low.  A significant amount of workers in these professions are self-employed and music is not always their primary source of income. 

Projected growth for most of these careers is slower than average at 3%-7%.  There are a few standout careers such as Choreographers with expected growth at 22% and Audio and Video Equipment Technicians at 8%-14%.

Music is an exciting industry and you have the opportunity to work in an area that rewards you for having a passion for music.  Networking is an important aspect of the music industry and you will be able to collaborate with others who have a similar passion.

Education Requirements in Music:

Most of us were introduced to music at an early age.  Maybe you took piano lessons with the dream of becoming a guitar player and starting your own band.  If you have musical talents for being a singer or musician a degree is not necessary.  Other occupations may require additional training and education.  Audio and Video Equipment Technicians jobs require a certificate to be considered for the role.  Bachelor degrees are needed to be a Music Teacher or a Music Director.

Regardless of the occupation additional education is beneficial and considering many people in this industry are self-employed they are able to utilize those skills to run their business.  There are many education options to achieve the necessary certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or a postsecondary degree.

Do you have a passion for Music?  

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Helpful Resume Writing Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Here are some important resume tips to consider when beginning the first stage of your resume writing and designing process. We have included these steps to help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of writing a resume, ensuring that you stand out amongst your competition. These tips have been proven to work well, and when followed, ensure positive results such as landing more interviews and possibly obtaining the position you favor the most. These tips are as follows:

  • Keep your resume clean, simple, and professional.
  • Focus on your major strengths and achievements; your resume should be a strong summary of your professional background and skills.
  • Always begin with either a short but strong qualification summary or include a proficiency/areas of expertise section above.
  • Have any awards, special recognitions, and publications? List them.
  • Make a list of your core qualifications and include them on your resume.
  • Use one or two different fonts, maintaining consistency throughout. Also, use a professional looking font such as Calibri, Arial, etc. Skip the Comic Sans.
  • Don’t overuse colorful graphics and font colors (unless you’re applying for a Graphic Design position).
  • Keep personal information, such as your birthday, hobbies/interests, number of family members, etc. off of your resume.
  • Include updated contact information such as your address, phone number, and email address; make sure you use a professional email address (for example, [email protected] is great, but I’d leave [email protected] out).
  • Make sure to implement effective keywords throughout your resume. Remember, many times your resume will be sent through a scanning process for the specific position you’re applying for. If your resume doesn’t match some of the words used in the job description, you may just miss the boat.

And remember, the resume process takes time. So if you find yourself lost, stuck, or frustrated, take it step by step and follow the checklist provided above to help you on your way to a successful career.