How to ask someone in your network for an introduction?

Posted June 21st 2016

If you are like me you have friends and previous colleagues working in many different companies and locations.  This provides a strong network to lean on when looking for a new job.  Social media has provided a fast and simple way to assess if anyone in our network is connected to someone within a company of interest. 

Our network now has grown exponentially and we need to ask that friend or colleague for a connection to someone who could provide insight into navigating the hiring process.

  1. Remember this is a significant request of your friend or colleague as you are asking for their time and their recommendation.   You want to verify that they see you as a good fit to the company and the position before they make the connection.  They are part of your network and will definitely tell you if they think it’s a good career move.
  2. Use common sense in the request.  Make sure you are specific about what you are doing and what you are asking them to do.  Also, make sure the connection is actually the right level, right department, and in a position to help.  Do as much of the work as you can for your friend or colleague so they can make the connection easily.  Start with a phone call and follow up with a specific email that outlines your request.
  3. Follow up with your friend or colleague and keep them informed about the progress you are making.  Also, regardless of the outcome foster your new connection by keeping them informed on your job search.  You never know when you will need to ask them to connect you to someone else. 

Leveraging your personal and professional network is key aspect to your career and job search.  There are many resources at your disposal to learn how to improve your networking skills.

Enjoys those networking lunches!

By Jon Dehne

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