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Passion vs. Need

Mugdha Kadam - Mumbai, India

I am an 18 year old studying engineering and I the fact that we do have to consider a few important factors while making career-related decisions caught my attention a bit late. I really used to consider this fact as a funny and unnecessary thing until recently. Yep, I know I sound too frivolous but I am only being honest. And in this essay, I am going to share my experience and my views.

Since school, only maths and languages (especially, Sanskrit) had caught my interest. But somehow a popular coaching class lured my parents into getting their child into IIT. Even before I could know what was happening I was admitted into that coaching class and that is how I ruined two years of my life.

I don't blame anyone for this. I didn't make through the IIT. But it did affect my 12th examination and the CET score. An SSC topper scored average in her 12th! I was deeply saddened then. But I realized I love Sanskrit language as much as I do maths. And I asked my mom whether I can change the stream and get a doctorate degree in Sanskrit. I belong to a middle-class family which abides by the “rules of the society”. And according to this society it's a sin to pursue the arts stream. My mother made no delay in taking me to a counsellor. He had a talk with me and concluded that I want to pursue arts only because I want to escape from my failure (which is not even a little true). But then he also said that even if you learn Sanskrit as per your own wish how are you going to earn your daily bread, because after a few years there is not going to be a trace of that language. There is no scope for this language. That's when I practically thought about my future.

There is a huge difference between passion and need. You love a particular thing is alright, but is that thing capable to fulfil your all other needs? If your passion has this capability then you are lucky enough, my friend. But if it doesn't, then practical thinking is necessary. We live in a world of tough competition, where each and every one dreams but, not all dreams are fulfilled. If you want to earn your bread, then sometimes you may have to change your priority. For instance, in my case, I gave priority to my other interest, i.e. engineering, because it guarantees me a safe financial future. And, parallel to it, I also attend Sanskrit lectures on weekends. That's how I take care of my passion and need as well.

Now, there are many cases where pursuing your passion may not be appropriate for your better future. But if you look, there is always a way to success. My essay may sound like it contradicts the saying, "Chase your dreams". But I never said let go of your dreams. Do chase them. But today's competitive world requires a practical mindset, too. Even the greatest of the personalities have some kind of education, a degree or something.

Currently, I am a first year engineering student and my academic performance is well. I and my parents both are happy. I am in touch with both maths and Sanskrit.

So, while deciding the right career for yourself, first see to it that it matches with your interest and can make your future secure, too. If it does, then consider yourself lucky and go ahead. And if it doesn't, then just lookout and you are sure to find a solution just like I did. Realize your priorities. Our generation is lucky to have information at our fingertips. Make good use of these informative sources available to you. They play a major role in choosing the best career for you.

Money is neither everything nor nothing. So make sure you consider this while making your decision. And once the decision is made, there is no turning back, mate! Stay put in the ground! Believe in yourself. Trust your decision and try with all your might. Then success is not far.

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