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Mass Communications

Riveka Thevendran - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From the moment I turned 13 years of age, I found myself interested in writing. This was only a hobby at the time that was spurred by my love of reading which I began ever since I learnt how to. Oliver Twist, Hansel and Gretel and Black Beauty were some of the thousands of books I have read in my lifetime (both online and paperback stories included). One day, when I finally finished reading Jane Eyre, a sudden thought hit me; why not find out about the authors and what inspires them to write? The fact that these authors only wrote to find means of monetary support for their family moved me. These famous books changed lives or at least mine as the level of creativity in these authors' minds that were put into words for everyone to read was spectacular. I enjoyed books by female authors of the early centuries as I'm well aware the hardships they faced were double that of men. Up until then I read for joy and was clueless about what I myself wanted to accomplish in my life.

The book that changed my life was Harry Potter and the woman that I love as much as my mother is J.K. Rowling. She somehow brought out the creativity dormant in my own mind and that's when I first started to write. I wasn't good at first and any competition I entered weren't very fruitful. My family members forced me to stop this aimless hobby and urged me to think about an actual future that gives you money. But keeping all the authors that ever inspired me at the forefront of my mind, I kept writing and soon enough I had positive outcomes and I was sure this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. However, it isn't that easy to make a living with my job choice and I'm not naive enough to think that this can support me. By this time, I have graduated high school and was not looking forward to college. In my free time during the three months I took after graduation, I conducted researches on what major I should aim for that will help me reach my goal. That was when I heard of Mass Communications.

In Mass Communications itself, there are many branches to major in such as journalism, public relations, advertising and such. I knew I had to be flexible in this day and age and evolve with the world so I did some research on eduadvisor.my regarding what course would be perfect for me. I came across the Canadian Pre-U Program that not only gave off a very positive and welcoming vibe but also had various subjects for me to choose from depending on what I want to do. Since I fell in love with Mass Communications, I chose to pick subjects that fall in most branches of my major so I can always be flexible with my job. The tuition fees were affordable and my mind was made up. Now, after finishing two out of three semesters, I knew I made the right choice for my future.