Teresa Alcantar

When choosing a major to study I will always choose a topic that I find interesting. I’m very particular with subjects such as this if I don’t like the topic or it just doesn’t interest me as much as something else I will simply choose not to continue studying that topic longer then I need to. I never want to need committed to I don’t enjoy or find intriguing, so if i’m not into what i’m supposed to be learning I will end up dreading having to go to that class and participate. When I begin to hate that part of my day and try to think of how to get out of it it feels like a chore and I don’t wish to live my life with constant dread and annoyance with these chores, besides where’s the fun in that. When I am truly invested in anything, school related or extracurricular, I begin to look forward to that one thing. It becomes a highlight of my day and I am look forward to whatever may happen with it that day. I’m become motivated to learn more and work more  it’s the type of person I am, when interested I give it my full attention no matter what and strive to always be prepared and ready. In general I like school because I enjoy the opportunity to learn something new everyday especially is specific topics, and the opportunity to pick a specialized topic of study that interests me to further learning about it is a great opportunity that i believed should not be missed. However, an opportunity as such can only be beneficial if it is something of interest to oneself.

When it is time for me to decide on a career I will look at that choice the same way I looked at what major I wished to study. My biggest criteria for choosing a career would be will I enjoy what I am doing everyday in some aspect as well as will I respect the position I am in so I can in return respect myself and know that I am doing something positive. Even if my everyday tasks seem small I need to be able to see the good in whatever I am doing and if it has benefited anyone. I won’t choose to focus on ow much it pays or if I like the people I would be working with because I dont view those aspects as very important when choosing a career. That’s what separates a career from a job. What I view as important when choosing a career is that you love what you do, you do it well, and that perhaps in one way shape or form your helping others in the process.

Whenever I need to make important decisions I think through them thoroughly, taking in account how it will work out, what my other options are, how it will affect others besides me, and is it truly the right choice. I will spend a whole day thinking through the options because I wish to feel like I have made the right decision because some choices can affect your life years down the road not just in the moment. Through my eyes no major life decision should be taken likely, they are called major life decisions for a reason, such things need to be thought through and examined closely so that every option, angle, and outcome can be considered. To most it sounds like a lot to think so deeply about choices and it can even be considered as over thinking but in doing so I ensure that when the choice is made I am as close to 100% as I can be that I did what was right. I want to be alde to live my life without constantly asking myself what if I did that instead of this because how can you be happy and look to the future if you’re always thinking back to the past.

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