Reasons to Consider a Career Change

In the past, people learned a trade and generally stuck with it for life. Those days however, are long gone. In today’s world the workforce is more diverse, options are more complex, and the number of considerations people make about their careershas gone up astronomically. It’s fair to say that with increased options havecome increased expectations, and sometimes with expectation comes disappointment.

Many people get pushed — or simply fall — into a career path. Whether or not it suits them or brings the best out in them is debatable. Down the line some people may start questioning things like: is their salary high enough? Are they being challenged? Do their benefits cover them? Are they over-worked or dealing with too much stress? Add in any numberof other existential factors and it’s easy to see why career change are common.  Bulleted below are some reasons why changing careers can be a good thing, and may be right for you.

  • Health. Your job can take a big toll on your health, and without your health what do you have? If you experience any form of chronic illness, debilitation, and/or fatigue, your work may be the culprit. This can be caused by anything from overload to a toxic boss, but often it’s your entire career that needs a shift. Your body is a finely tuned instrument and it can understand things your mind cannot. Listen to it.
  • You lack passion or excitement. No job will have this all of the time, but if you feel no spark at all, looking elsewhere might make sense. Worried about educational requirements or other barriers to a new job? There are always ways to obtain or work around these things. Finding something that suites your aptitude and makes you feel motivated is a deal breaker in terms of career satisfaction.
  • Nothing kills interest like routine and monotony. Its cliche, but variety is the spice of life. Changing jobs and/or careers forces you out of your normal daily routine and into something new and refreshing, sparking renewed motivation.  Different jobs offer different ranges of personal freedom and flexibility. A different career might be a better fit for your personality and desired lifestyle. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking.

Life is always changing and those who become comfortable with transition and change are most likely to thrive. Changing to a new career can up your confidence. You can become more flexible, open-minded, and adaptable. You can learn to appreciate diversity and understand different cultural experiences with each new role. Your confidence will continuously develop and you will always be growing as a person, setting yourself up to be even more capable in the next exciting role.

If you have any inclination that your career isn’t right for you but aren’t sure what is, take a look at this career aptitude test. A diversified skillset never hurt anyone, either.

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