Not Happy At Work?

Here’s What You Can Do

Job satisfaction is a major issue for a lot of employees. Regardless of what type of job you are into, it’s important to keep yourself happy because if you don’t, you’ll impact both your professional and personal life.

Money is not the only factor when it comes to keeping yourself happy at work. There’s a large section of highly-paid employees who complain about not being happy with their jobs due to various reason. On the other hand, there are many employees who earn less but are happier with their work life. How much money do you think a farmer makes in a year? The average farmer makes £24,500. But you’ll be surprised to know that farmers are among some of the happiest workers, as claimed by a  survey which ranked around 300 jobs in terms of satisfaction.

Given below are some key tips that you can use to change your current job situation and start feeling more satisfied and happier.

Engage in Workplace Friendships: Do you have friends at work (i.e. work friends)? If you don’t, you should start making a couple of friends – probably find a best work friend. Employees who are engaged in friendships at work also enjoy their job more. Having friends at work creates a support system which keeps you happy and motivated. It also helps you become more productive.

Don’t Try to Change Others: While working in a company or organization, you’ll come across many different types of people – some of whom may be stubborn, opinionated and criticizing. If you try to change these people, you’ll only frustrate yourself and become unhappy. What you need to do is avoid arguing or discussing topics that are too sensitive with these people.

The way other people are made shouldn’t affect your own life. So, take control of your life and accept people for who they are.

Get Organized: Sometimes, happiness is the difference between a clean desk and a cluttered desk. If you are not feeling happy at work, an unorganized desk could worsen your mood even more. Keeping your work desk clean doesn’t only keep you happy, but it also helps you work more efficiently.

Emphasize Tasks that Give You Joy: A job has multiple aspects. While you may not like some tasks in your job profile, you may find others that are enjoyable. Find out those tasks that make you feel happy and emphasize those tasks. You can also take on additional tasks, that you find enjoyable, to feel happier.

Go for a Walk at Lunchtime: Even if you like the job you are doing, the ever-increasing workload and an overly demanding boss could easily leave you feeling stressed. And being glued to that work desk for eight-plus hours is never good for a body that was made to move. Going for a lunchtime walk is a good idea to improve your well-being, both physically and mentally. Take one or two of your work friends to make your walking even more fun and reap more health benefits.


The number of unhappy employees is increasing continuously. But you should never let workplace miserableness become a way of life for you. Follow these tips so that you can enjoy your work more and be happier.

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