Mollie Weitzman

Throughout my whole life, I knew I wanted, needed, to go to college. College is a place that I feel a student can not only find herself but also find her place in the world. Education is necessary for me to succeed and become who I am meant to be. I plan to attend a four-year university and am very open to the possibility of graduate school. After hard contemplation, I have decided to focus on the major of environmental science and may explore environmental justice. I have always been very interested in conservation and learning about the science involved in making the world a better place or at least keeping it from becoming toxic.

I am also really interested in music and theatre arts.  It was a hard decision to move towards science and away from these other passions.  If possible, I would like to use my vocal and theatrical abilities to further the cause of environmentalism.  I know this is an ambitious goal, but I am a really ambitious person.

After I finish college and graduate school, I really want to start working immediately. With a job and a life I am happy with, everything else will fall into place. I think it is so exciting that I may find myself in a field studying, or maybe even a courtroom fighting for the environment I am so proud to call my own. I didn’t realize how passionate I was about the environment until I started going to Nature Camp every summer and realized just how important it is to keep our earth safe and sustainable. At Nature Camp, I studied limnology, mycology, nature writing, herpetology, and arthropodology. Now, I want to build on that learning as much as I can and share my knowledge with others.

When I am finally finished with school and working, I know that I will feel amazing to know that I am making a difference. This world is not just my home, but home to seven billion people and an infinite number of animals, plants, and organisms I’ve never ever heard of. I believe that my job should be fulfilling to myself. I want to come home proud of what I do every day, and education is the very first step.

I could see myself possibly attending law school someday, so that I would have additional tools to fight for the future of our planet. I also want to make sure that poor people and people in third world countries do not suffer unduly because of climate change.  It’s certainly easier as a middle-class American—in my climate controlled home and with my fuel efficient car—to get along in the world.  I know that is not the case for everyone, and either with a focus on the environment or on the people who are victims of it, I want to fight for change.

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