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Career, Family and your own well being are three important pillars of life, if any pillar goes in not in proper position, the rest of the pillars will be at stake and you life will be in trouble. I see it as a tripod. If you take your camera tripod and if you try it with just two legs, you will never get a still image.

While considering career, the most important thing you need to consider is the interest. How much interest do you have in that particular field? Can you enjoy your work? If yes, go ahead with it, if no, then I would recommend that leave it. Just for example: Cristiano Ronaldo plays football because he is interested in, he loves playing football. It was his sole interest that made him such a great player. It was his interest because of which he practiced so much football. It was his interest that he excelled in the game even after failures.seem to know exactly what they were born to do. For others, it can take more time and thinking. While career paths change more frequently nowadays, it’s important to choose something you’ll find fulfilling.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t put a lot of thought and consideration into what you’d like to do. If you can stick with one career for a long time, it can be very beneficial. You’re likely to get several promotions throughout your lifetime.

There are several important factors in choosing a career. 1. Are Your Interests?

Before you start any new career path, it’s always a good idea to think about the things that truly interest you when it comes to a work environment. A good place to start is by thinking about the things you do well. How could they be applied toward a career? Maybe you’ve enjoyed certain aspects of past jobs and want a career with more focus on those specific things. Perhaps you want a medical job that’s a bit different.

2. Your Attitude

Some people have different attitudes toward different work environments. If you’re self- motivated and have a positive attitude about hard work, you might be best suited for a leadership position or even a high-stress job. Don’t shy away from careers that may challenge you. If you have an attitude of excitement about working, it could be that your old jobs weren’t fulfilling because they weren’t challenging enough.

3. What Are Your Strongest Skills?

If you’ve ever had a job interview, you’ve probably had to list some of your useful skills. Whether these are talents you’ve always had or skills you’ve developed over the years, they can be crucial in deciding what you want to do next.

4. Education and Training

Most jobs require some type of education and/or training. Sometimes, it can be learned on the job. Other times, the training required only takes a few weeks. Determining the level of education you’re willing to obtain is important in choosing the right career path.

5.Defining Success

Your definition of success is crucial to the type of career you choose. Some jobs will reward you with a large paycheck. Others will give you the opportunity to help people

6. Job Availability

Sometimes, one of the easiest places to start in choosing a career path is determining which jobs are in high demand. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to start down a path with a limited number of options. You’ll likely end up in a position you weren’t expecting and may have to spend years working your way up.

Some people work their entire lives in one industry. Others seem to bounce around several times before landing on a job that really sticks for them. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee

all the research and experience in the world will make you love your job after you’ve been involved in it for a while.

However, it’s far too easy to jump into a career headfirst without the right precautionary steps. By staying in one career for a long time, you’ll learn more, develop relationships, and can be extremely successful. So, take the time to consider certain factors before taking the plunge.

Once you have a basic idea about a career that interests you, create a roadmap. It’s not cliché to combine your dreams with reality. If you have the right resources in place, it’s possible to find a fulfilling career that will last for years.

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