Adrenaline Careers – Intensely Rewarding Careers and Jobs

Are you looking for a different type of job?  A job where every day is a new challenge?  A job where every day is unpredictable and exciting?  A job that provides an adrenaline rush?

Although every job has the possibility of intense situations– remember the last time you had to explain the mistake you made to your boss?– there are specific jobs and careers where intense, often life threatening situations are part and parcel of the job description.  These occupations are certainly not for the average person.  However, it may be exactly the type of job for some individuals.  Fortunately, for those of us that are looking for such a career, there are a variety of ways to go about it.

In general, these types of high intensity jobs fall into 3 broad categories.

  • Jobs to Protect and Serve
  • Jobs that Save Lives
  • Dangerous or Adventurous Jobs

Jobs to Protect and Serve

The need for people to protect the public and maintain the law is a bedrock of every society.  Protecting the public and maintaining the law is becoming even more important as the criminal element is becoming more pervasive and other factors such as natural disasters are becoming increasingly unpredictable.  These jobs are both personally very risky and unbelievably rewarding.  In many cases, these are the individuals that stand between life and death for many in our society.  In doing so,individuals in these jobs are also at the forefront of risking their own lives as well.  It’s expected that there will be strong growth in job openings for these occupations with a good portion of the growth being driven by the need to replace retirees in these positions.

Some jobs in this category include:

Jobs to Save Lives

Many people in the emergency and healthcare services area deal daily with individuals that are facing life-threatening situations. Whether the issue is purely medical in nature or is the result of some other actions, jobs in the healthcare and emergency services sectors are there to ensure that everything is done to save lives.  These are the jobs and careers that are responsible for saving our lives when we are injured or sick.  The demand for these jobs will increase significantly, partially as a result of the increasingly volatile nature of society today and largely due to the aging demographic in the U.S.

Some jobs in this category include:

Adventurous or Dangerous Jobs

There are a number of jobs that require its workers to go to places and do things that are, by definition, dangerous.  These careers are typically in specific industries that require a physical location or the use of dangerous materials in order to perform the job.  These jobs are growing slower than other jobs primarily due to the advancement of tools and technology to de-risk some of the dangerous elements going forward.

Some jobs in this category include:

Is It the Right Fit for You?

Although we may wish for more excitement in our jobs, it’s altogether different to have a career in the jobs that we’ve outlined above.  It takes more than just a desire for action or excitement.  It requires the ability to adapt to unique, unforeseen situations, and often under timing constraints and significant pressure.  Judgment and self-control are also important factors.

Take the Career Aptitude Test to see whether you would be a good fit for any of the careers above!  Or browse job openings today in your area to see what jobs are available today in the careers above.

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