Cover Letters That Get Noticed

Posted June 16th 2016

Many candidates on the search for a great job believe a well-written and properly structured resume is the only document that can help them land an interview at the company of their choice, but that is simply not true. The cover letter is just as important and in fact, may be the only document a recruiter reads before proceeding further in weeding out candidates that don’t appeal to them, and choosing those that meet their qualifications. The cover letter acts as an in-depth “window into your professional soul” as a matter of fact. It allows you to not only summarize some of your strengths and areas of expertise, but allows the company to know your level of interest in working for them and why, and proves you actually took the time to research who they are and what they do as an organization.

To begin writing an amazing cover letter that will spark interest in anyone reviewing your professional background for potential employment, follow these important steps:

  1. Properly format your cover letter. List your name, address, and date on the top left corner and then the address, company name and contact name below. If you don’t have a company contact name, call them directly and ask for the name of the person in charge of hiring, or if you’d like, just simply run a search online.
  2. Begin your opening paragraph by explaining why you are writing and how you found out about the available position being offered. Be detailed. Tell them exactly where you found the job posting, and make sure to include the exact title of the job being filled.
  3. Next, let the recruiter know how your skills and background can further enhance operations at their company. This is where you begin listing your major accomplishments (keep it low to a couple and let the resume do the rest). Also, describe why you think their company may be a great place to work for, and also, what their company can do for you. For example, maybe the type of projects they deal with can help further enhance your ability to motivate and lead team members, and improve your customer service skills. Or, maybe you’d like to work for the company because you absolutely love their culture and environment and believe you’d be the perfect match.
  4. Finally, thank your reader for taking the time to review your cover letter, and demonstrate a sense of positivity and excitement by stating that you hope to meet them in person to discuss the position at hand in greater detail. End the letter with “Thank you,” or “Sincerely”, as well as your name, and provide a telephone number underneath your name for a quick call-to-action response.

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Happy Job Hunting!

Monica Carrington

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