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The Quest of Life

Kaveri Rocks - New Delhi, India

I was in my school when a brilliant counsellor helped me to identify my walk of life. Coincidently, he was an alumni of my school only. He first allowed me to talk; asked my interests, hobbies and what is my idea of life. That workshop was certainly a life changing workshop. Sometimes some unknown person could make you identify who u are. Seriously, amazing!

After that day, I used to not only read my textbooks but also novels and biographies. Being an art student, I need to have my facts correct. Aiming to pursue journalism, I had to be up to date. I started:

  • 'Intelligent reading' of newspaper
  • Writing blog
  • Writing a diary in which I wrote today's BREAKING NEWS in my neighbourhood/school/tuition.

And articles. Also I used to paste photographs clicked by me as a complement with my writings.

I had been doing art and playing violin from a tender age but I never wanted to continue these as a career nevertheless I wanted 'something' from these. This 'something' was the trouble. When I was young, I planned that

I will become a soldier. Then someday I thought I will become a business woman. And each day I thought that I will become this and that! My creative,wicked mind never allowed me to be stable. This was troublesome! Finally my exam result of 12 class came and I got excellent percentage (93%) and now I knew what I wanted. Some inner flame had lightened up in my soul, it felt so illuminating! I sat a whole night thinking and I found my hunger of life.

  • I wanted to become richest, most famous and successful individual.
  • I wanted to come on television.
  • I wanted to discuss about my country on the world stage
  • I wanted fame. Respect. Love.

All this 'I wanted' ended up telling me that I had to become a Broadcast News Analyst who came on television; who owned a art gallery where she sold her masterpieces and gave violin concerts in the most prestigious halls.

My dream was tough but I always knew that I really could stand on them and prove them true. I applied for many entrance tests and fortunately I cleared many of them. I talked to many people who once tried to become a journalist but never succeeded in it. This helped me to know what are the DO's and DON'TS of the career which I wanted to pursue. Gradually, I got a job in one of the leading newspapers of my country as a cartoonist (they loved my art work) at first. One day I showed my work to my seniors on the topic 'feminism'; they read my work ; appreciated it and I got to write a column! After 4 years I left the job and joined other news channel where I achieved the position of 'assistant journalist' i.e. now I used to attend press conference as the assistant of the chief executive of the news channel. In 3 years I got promoted as the news anchor.

Today, some people recognise me as a News anchor; some people call me a classic violinist and some call me a creative artist. My parents feel elated when they remember my struggling days and compare it to the present. The past is delicious and future is exciting but the lavish present is satisfying. When I look at my white hairs now, I feel that I worth it! I feel settled, happy with life.

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