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The Following Factors

Eddah Mutai - Nairobi, Kenya

I am eddah chepkorir mutai a finalist student at University of Nairobi located in Kenya.I studied Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Economics and I would like to talk about how to make the right career choice for anyone wishing to persue a fulfilling career in whatever field.The following factors I believe should be considered in making the right career choice.I applied the same and hence don’t regeret of my choice.

The market place

When making a career choice you need to consider what the market needs and by market I mean the job market.Which are the careers that are needed? For example if in your country or town there are many financial institutions then it means the courses need are e.g business courses, finance courses,administration courses etc.


When making a career choice you need to consider your passion and what am implying in this is that what is your interest in life ? What do you like doing? This could guide you also.For me studying sociology was good for me since I love interacting with other people and I also like encouraging others and helping them realize their potential.


In choosing a career you need to consider your financial capability since some courses are really expensive and you might not afford them.What you will have to do is either ask for help from the banks and take a loan or apply for scholarships.You might also talk to your friends and family who can help you out.


This is another important factor in making the right career choice. You need to consider your grades since particular careers require excellent academic performance e.g medicine here in my country Kenya requires highly performing students interms of academics.

Time taken

You need to consider the timeline to complete a particular course e.g Bachelor of Arts takes 4 years to complete ,other courses take 6years to complete.


When choosing a career you need to consider your abilities for example you will be uncomfortable choosing a career that needs physics when you were poor in physics in school or one that requires a lot of mathematics of which you were not good in. If you were good in computer you would rather study computer science rather than studying French or any other course.

Societal Benefits

In choosing a careers you need to consider factors such as the benefits to the society apart from financial gains after completing school e.g I would rather study medicine since I can help the community especially the less fortunate when I can or I study law so that I can give my services for free sometimes for those who really need and cannot afford.


When making a career choice you need to consider your personality e.g if you are a talkative person you would rather choose careers in the communication field or languages rather than choosing accounts or any other career for that matter.

Reason for studying

When making a career choice you need to lay down your reasons as to why you are choosing it.In this I mean lets say I am studying sociology so that I can help the community to develop, or I am studying medicine so that I

can help the less fortunate.

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you who want to make the choice of a career success.I would also like to insist that we should think of how we are going to use our careers to contribute positively to our community such as helping the needy , the less fortunate.