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My Career Is My Lifestyle

Mariym Alawawda - Doha, Qatar

I want to start this essay by asking you, Do you know what career is? Do you know how to choose the right career for you? If so, then how do you know that this is the right career for you? Let me answer this. Choosing a career can be hard sometimes and things can get as complicated and confusing as you can imagine. Cause if you are not doing it with passion then you are just stressing yourself by setting in someone else's chair. So just make sure you are not going to regret your choice later and follow my lead.

As a child my dream was to become a doctor in the future. I grow up with this dream but I never noticed that the dream didn't grow up with me. And when I finished my high school I found myself wondering if I really wanted to spend the rest of my life as a doctor, I doubted my answer. So I choose to take break and study my options before I decide. I did what anyone would have done, I googled Jobs. There was teacher, police officer, business women, singer, actor, etc. Then I thought this can't be it, there must be other jobs in the world that pay well and enjoyable. Next thing I typed what career is best for me and I found in the results the most useful website, What Career Is Right For Me. It was a quiz and I thought it would be easy and fun to do and I go for it. But I was wrong because the quiz opened my eyes to other things I should have thought about before and after much hesitation I finished the quiz and was more than happy with the results.

There was even other new job titles that I really liked but after a while i was in doubt again because my mind was newly opened to other sides like payment and growth, the environment, people I'll be working with, stress, responsibilities, the place, the time and many other things. Small pieces I never thought about and when I did I knew I must do the quiz one more time. And this one more time become many times until I was satisfied with my options. I collect a good small list of new job titles and then i dig them .Next thing I had to do to just assure myself is to go volunteer in the places I will be working at to see how it would be like.

The thing is I discovered that my career is who I am. It's the way I want to spend the rest of my life. I wanted to do something I love and enjoy doing it, not just do something others expected me to do. When you have a career that you love, no matter how stressful or bad it gets you will be happy because that's what you love to do. You have got to love what you do to do what you love. So choose carefully and study your career choice very well from the pros to the cones and if you feel confused, just open What Career Is Right For Me.

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