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Neo Mulaudzi - Polokwane, South Africa

It was not long ago when we were just in kindergarten and the teacher would request of us a drawing or a painted picture of ourselves in our respective career paths that we I would like to pursue . That always seemed easy,simply because there was no reality to actually crush down our ideas! As a matter of fact when given the chance to explain to others why we picture ourselves in that field. We would have so much enthusiasm explaining to everyone our dream jobs.

Factors I considered when picking a career.

1. Money

A career should never be based on money. If money to clouds your judgement you will never enjoy your workplace. As a matter fact your paycheck will be the only positive thing. Money is however the first thing I looked at when considering my career. I checked in between my few career choices which is the most high paying. This seemed to make my life easier as I then considered being a medical doctor. It offers the highest wage of all the medical fields. But if this career offered less than the expected would I still be highly interested?

My answer lied somewhere around a 'maybe'.

If every work field was paid the same amount of money what would I enjoy for a lifetime? I certainly wouldn't be a doctor. Their wage was just attractive, but not enough to paint a picture in my head.

2. Work environment

"do I see myself working with people directly or indirectly?"

Indirectly helping people in a medical field meant working in a laboratory where tests, research and medical surveys are done. Working directly is associated with careers such as pharmacy, medical doctor, nutritionists and others such as these.

For me, I knew that I want to work with people directly. Well I guess that means I have an idea of what I want. All I know is I probably fall somewhere around medical facilities. Am I interested in working under a private sector or public sector? Where does my career allow me to work ? Most importantly, which do I prefer? This narrowed down my struggle by bringing a clearer idea suggesting that I would prefer to work in a private sector. I completely cut out the careers that would not grant me this desire.

3. Employment rate

The higher the unemployment rate, the more it indirectly tells me that " the world doesn't really need this anymore at the moment". It's clear I have to really dismiss careers that would eventually lead to unemployment.

4. Years of study

This happens to be one aspect that is ignorable since a large population group highly believe that every occupation is studied for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. Normally just any typical course. I was however shocked to see that there are occupations that you can be considered a professional if you have studied for close to fifteen years. That is however not me in anyway. I prefer a course that will only gobble up seven or less years.

5. What I aim to achieve

I jotted down a few careers that go in line with my personality. I asked myself "what do I aim to achieve?". 'I want to bring change to my community' And how do I plan on doing so? 'I want to recreate the image or the way people view life.'

How can this be done? 'I analyze and study human behavior,what triggers their emotions , how they deal with terrible situations, how their mind can be channeled into different thinking to change their worlds.'

What skills do I possess that are in line with my interest? 'Listening skill and problem solving skill, these are my sure weapons towards my goal.'

Do I have any interest that make my goal accomplishable? Well I know for a cold fact that I have an interest in helping people from various backgrounds without letting my experiences cloud my judgment. I have actually seen most of my friends confiding in me since they strongly believe my internet for people makes it easier for them to consider me approachable. In many cases I move from 'acquaintance' to 'friends' in a short period of time.

According to the information I gathered I am aware of this;

  • I want a career that will not attract me by money, where I will work in the private sector.One where the world is still in need of.
  • I want a career where I do not study for more than seven years without employment.One that assists me in aiming for people's mental health to be regarded as important.

So based on my interests I can either be psychologists or a psychiatrist.

Why I made this career choice

1. I would not compromise

I was assured that this was my call when I could not compromise and picture myself doing anything else.So much enthusiasm was lighting up my face and I was not willing to compromise. Every career path has a lot of disadvantages but in the midst of disadvantages , I still choose this profession.

2. I am willing to sacrifice

If you really want something you need to learn how to sacrifice for it. I read of a doctor who studied a degree for five years only to find it was not of interest to him. So he went back to college to study for another degree that actually responded to his calling. He dedicated so many years to his studies. I too am willing to sacrifice just to see myself as a professional psychologist.

3. I am responding to a calling

everyone has a special and unique role that they play in society.

In all instances I have since seen myself treating people's mental breakdowns and giving light and hope to those whom life has been unfair to. To given them a broader perspective of life. Enthusiasm- that is the key word. Any career choice without enthusiasm is just but futile.

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