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How and Why Did I Make this Decision

April Bradley - Fairbury, IL, United States

A creative writer by nature in terms of researching, analyzing, problem solving, and the soul purpose of expressing wide variety of topics. These are the factors I consider in picking my future career goal. A major set back in how to achieve what I am looking for in success and satisfaction of self worth. A reality wake up call to achieve the moment of truth in writing. How does this pertain to what I am meant to accomplish in my life?

Artist by nature, I am abstract in many forms when it comes to my ability to progress through feel, passion, and sight. I have the ability to observe, formulate, construct, contrast, and produce a masterpiece into a meaningful status. One factor in determining my decision to move to a career change is research. The process to ever ending information in forms of audio, visual, and reading materials gives me the thirst for more information to formulate a logical theory. Which in turn thrives me to analyze the information as another factor in creative writing. The decision to crave the very prompt analyze to how to use the information into printed words. I am given the chance to view the subject in vary degree of angels before realizing the very informative knowledge of writing. This piece of knowledge that feeds the brain to problem solving in yet another factor in choosing my career path. My brain is yet a problem solving machine that is able to process information and put into printed format for the readers and observers to follow in their own form of opinions. In which, the following factors produces the very output of what I hope to accomplish by audience. The soul purpose of expressing wide variety of topics to present to the audience. My accomplishment of creating many forms of writing in formats interested to the audience. The target of knowledge to fulfill the brains with information interested in absorbing the writing piece. So, what does this mean to me in what helped me in my career decision?

My wake up call came a couple of times in the past few years. Once a few years ago, my grandmother words of encouragement that I write for people. She is a huge fan of reading. She loves to gain all the knowledge she could from many forms of information. Whether it’s from her past Victorian style England books, newspapers, radio, television shows, and her all time favorite in politics. I follow her traits in reading. I love printed materials and the simulations my brain feels with words. Her brain stopped processing these knowledge as the Alzheimer’s disease robbed her sense of independent logic. Another incident came when I took time off work to care for my mother dying of Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer this past January 2016. She noticed that I have received e-mails from publishers requesting my writings and she asked about them. I hadn’t even proceeded through with any of the publishing materials given to me. My mother believes in solid work foundation, which means labor work. This is when she realized that I have a shot at an opporunity that creates imaginations, my mother told me to go for it. Life is too short to waste on unhappy endings for that’s how she felt there in the end. That’s when I started writing again.

I used to write as a child thru young adolescent years. I have several stories that are ready to be printed with an ending. As well as ideas to write about my mother’s cancer. I want the world to know about information. It’s an inspiring piece of art. I have taken art classes in drawing, pottery, and photographing. My profession is a cake decorator for the past twelve and half years. Forever, a creator, whether it’s in drawing, painting, crafting, building, or writing; I have a passion for conception.

Literature is the building fountain of brain knowledge. People rely on reading for learning and entertainment. The hunger for information to fill the series of emotions our brain are begging to fill. What joy of materials whether in fiction or reality that we come to enjoy the knowledge absorbed through writing. This prompt us to research information to better understand what we are looking for in theory. Do we crave adendrel rush or facts to prove our answers? Depending on what the audiences want to experience is how he or she will analyze the potential nature of concept. Creative writing captures these experiences for them. These are the fundamental foundations to solving the unknown to the puzzle of their emotions. Produces the outcome of the results. It gives me great pleasure in expressing words into action for the readers. A sense of accomplishment to create imaginations. This is how and why I choose to write for a living.