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Her Own Role Model

Hanan Abdi - Dallas, TX, United States

It is projected that the healthcare industry is to increase by 22% through 2020. The health related employment opportunities are in no way restricted only to individuals interested in the art of medicine itself, the health care administrators are the back bone for the smooth flow of the medical industries, be it in hospitals, retirement center, dentist office and so on in the medical field.

As I embark the journey of single motherhood, I sat down and asked myself what can I do to raise my daughter by earing decent income and being there for her and being there for her. Despite of all the thoughts running through my mind the real question I asked myself was that "what am I good at after doing a though and deep research on the internet, I knew the health care administration is the right choice for me, the reason is that a good administrator is a self-motivated realistic, optimistic, who have integrity, self- confidence and who is calm to overcome situations under pressure, these are the characters I have with in me and with my previous work experience.

As the health care industry continues to advance a strong managerial skill is required to go hand in hand in the health care industry, which will enable me to advance my education career to put out the best in the field and also as a health care administrator, I will be having great privilege managing the growing field of service personnel in the health care.

Health care administration without no doubt is an excellent career path, with range of employment positions all comes great benefits, it offers enormous potential for advancement to motivated and starting fresh individuals as I am.

My daughter will have her own role model to look up to as she sees me not only survive but thrive.

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