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Factors that Gave Me a Career Decision

Pamella Kembabazi - Kampala, Uganda Being young comes with its ideologies and set of mind; many dreams and ambitions arise and are hard to control. Many decisions become extremely hard and uncertain. Starting to dream about what one really wants is something that's hard to accomplish especially with so many gifts and ideas that come along with the choice that one has to make and the challenge that influence the opinion of one's career. Telling my story, that does not mean I made the best of the choices one has to give to get the right career. I was young and with so many dreams and choices. I entered the final year of high school with one dream to be the best I can be. But going back in junior high I was gifted with a voice to sing and inspire people but towards the end I lost courage, I was good at writing and composing songs but that did not mean that I was great and that was what I was supposed to do. Taking a choice in a career is hard to tell, it needs passion, love and understanding. Reaching senior high I was lost, I could still sing and compose the music but the main factor of all was the choice my parents had in mind. I could not understand because it also depended on the grades that I could get. But I remember my mother saying that it's good to take the right decision on issues concerning the future. She told me that it was right to be your self, which meant being helpful to others and giving a hand when needed because that's what I am, always there for those who need me and give solutions to there problems. But I could not tell which course could come with my self, of which mother knew and advised to take community psychology and major in that. I Listened to the argument and decided to try and major in it. Towards my final exams, I knew what I could be and the basics involved in the course. I knew that the decision to be a psychologist was the right one and it could bring out the real passion of helping the people who needed me in the world or country. Studying Community psychology was not easy especially when many people used to say that it was very complicated and hard to understand, but the more I studied it the most fun it became and doing practical work was more exciting than anything in the world. All my years at the university were beautiful and memorable. The lecturers used to tell life examples to inspire and direct us to understand the human mind and body. The gestures of the body, the client will display for you to tell if he/she is lying or telling the truth in the course of the counseling session. Understanding the clients gave me a chance to know more about people and me inclusive. The answer which I was searching for had come to end, first my mother's dream but after all the experience and studying I understood me, which was the right decision I made in choosing my career. Until today am proud to have become a psychologist to give help to those who need me. All in all making a decision was not easy but the most important part is never minimize even the choice that your loved ones put on the table. Weigh all of them and decide which one gives you love and comfort when carrying it out.