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Choosing my Ideal Career

Kayla Fatal - Etobicoke, Canada

Choosing a career is an important decision that most people will make at some point in life. Occasionally, it can be overwhelming due to the many career options. Therefore, I formulated a procedure to assist me in choosing my career. The two factors that I considered when choosing my career are my strongest skills and the best work environments appropriate for my personality.

To begin, I evaluated myself by choosing three of my strongest skills that connected with my interests. After taking multiple online self-analysis tests I obtained three of my strongest skills: writing, helping people and cooking. I used my skills as a guideline to search for jobs, and I focused on jobs I am skilled in. Realizing my strongest skills developed my confidence and self awareness. I believe confidence in particular is essential in my workforce because I need to believe in myself to cause others to believe in me. This process helped me choose a career wherein I could execute great performance.

Another factor I considered in selecting a career is choosing an ideal environment that compliments my personality. People either work better in calm, fast or a combination of both environments. Consequently, it is good to choose an exemplary environment for your character. I spent time reading books, watching videos and getting advice. This provided me with useful information related to the environment that I would be working in. Fast settings are a preferred choice for me because it keeps me active and elicit my strongest skills. Additionally, my research helped me to realize that I am artistic and social, hence I prefer to work in an environment that enables me to use these aspects of my character.

Additionally, I chose this career in Food and nutrition because I am interested in providing people with nutritional advice. I have a strong interest in the science of the human body, and my career focuses on these topics. I realized that my career choice is very popular because food connects people in a variety of ways . For example, people use food for special celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, and weddings. The emotional connection society has with food assures me my career is an exciting and influential field. In summary, I chose this field because I believe I have the motivation, confidence and perseverance to excel. I desire to have an impact on society and teach others what foods, and lifestyles will lead to optimal health.

Essentially, I realized that self –analysis, work environment and interest are the most important factors in choosing my career. This was very beneficial for me because it helped me realized my personality type, and these self assessment tests provided me with a summary of the best careers for me. Also, I spent time gaining information about my career field and this helped me understand if my field was appropriate for my character. Consequently, I have the drive and desire to perform well in my field even in difficulty. I truly believe when these factors are applied anyone can choose an appropriate career for themselves.