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Astronomy and Public Speaking

Hannah Johnson - Wiggins, CO, United States

The idea of making decisions about a future I am constantly unsure about is daunting. I am most easily defined as a billion rabbit holes, with a passion for too many things at once. My passions have been shaped by my ever-increasing list of interests. Because of this, the courses I selected over my high school experience have been just as varied. Although this seems to be unwise, it is exactly how I became assure with what I love. Every lecture was a catalyst for my love of stories and decisions for my future. Throughout my high school career, I have chosen courses not only for their technical value in writing or design, but also in their randomness. I am a strong advocate for knowledge in all forms. As an artist, my passions are fueled by increasing knowledge in all subjects which expand my ability to create and collaborate with multiple fields, to create something new.

During the recent fall semester I chose to take a course on Astronomy as well as Public Speaking. Although neither of these courses pertain specifically to design or Journalism, they have most definitely given me a new way to consider my passions. Through Astronomy, I was able to apply the nature of our cosmos to expression in poetry. I was given the opportunity to research the relationship between Astronomy and poetry, or the art of storytelling. Because of this seemingly random class, I was inspired to find connections and make new revelations between the physics of our universe and my love of words. Through Public Speaking, I was given tools to generate confidence and effectively use my words to convey a message to be lifted of the paper.

As a current high school senior, my choice of courses has given me the final affirmation I need to pursue the career I love. Over the last four years, I have selected electives based on how they pertain to my field of interest as well as for their seemingly unalike qualities. For me, high school was a time of experimentation, to fall in love with multiple subjects across a variety of ideas. Journalism and Design are the about perspectives, about finding out how to explain a unique idea to your audience. I believe that these courses I have chosen will only empower me to use different perspectives and make larger connections. I will most likely continue to gather knowledge in all forms at every opportunity I have to enhance my skills.

My close friend is an eccentric scientist. Although I am content to do the expressing while she conquers the numbers, we both appreciate the wonder of the process and share a mutual dream of someday arriving in space. Although I am an artist and a writer by nature, my talents were never destined to thrive in their own category. I was born with an incessant desire for knowledge in any form or subject. In my experience, the largest injustice to talent is containing it to a single point or purpose. That passion is not a single place, but a multitude of avenues, each contributing to a larger picture. Whether I am functioning in my first loves or attempting to understand astrophysics, I will always pursue the love of sharing a story.

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